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  • Tennis-Flex-Bangle
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The Ring Innovation

Our hands perform all kinds of tasks day in and day out, they are in high demand for little details and difficult labor. It is said that the fingers of one hand, in the course of a lifetime, bend and stretch at least 25 million times. And, depending on the weather, our fingers can get thicker on hot days or thinner on cold days. During our lives our hands change, so much so that our favourite ring suddenly can no longer be removed because the knuckle is bigger. Ring-width changes are necessary as our fingers age. Illnesses, such as Arthritis or Rheumatism in the fingers can spoil or ruin the pleasure of wearing rings. With our innovation TENNIS-FLEX Collection you can enjoy maximum wearing comfort. Through our invisible, elastic springs the rings can expand to at least six sizes – high-end comfort for your fingers.
This technique is also used in our bracelets. Never get annoyed again with clasps; simply slip theTENNIS-FLEX bracelet over your wrist.