High-quality, innovative real jewellery

The simplicity of our design

Our innovative jewellery lines demonstrate our joy in jewellery fabrication. We combine classic jewellery art, novel techniques and unusual materials.

Unmistakably real. Perfection.

The slogan, “unmistakably real! ” underlines our Credo; to use only real gemstones and the finest diamonds in our creations. The craftsmanship perfection lies at the heart of our goal, from the first sketches through to the finished jewellery piece. We select the colour, cut and quality of every gemstone with great care. This love for detail is highly treasured by our customers. A balanced mixture of tradition and innovation gives us the spirit to complete our extraordinary designs.

Quality ensured. Sustainability.

Every purchased Silhouette piece was produced in a sustainable manner. The environment has not been damaged. Human rights have not been ignored. Criminal activities have not been supported. Therefore, we use old gold exclusively from recycled products such as, coins, jewellery or medical products in our finishing, manufacturing processes. This gold has an LBMA-certification (London Bullion Market Association) and comes from well-known precious metal recycling companies, such as C. Hafner, which guarantees 100 Percent conflict-free Gold.

Arnd Bentner

Arnd Bentner

Jewellery "Made in Germany"

Quality ensured. With Responsibility

We attach great value to the fact that our jewellery is both developed and manufactured in Germany. Already in 2016 we joined the Confed- eration of Watches and Jewellery newly founded Jewellery-Initiative, “Made in Germany”. The guidelines are strict, though not an increase in value, but the working hours serve as the criterium: Whoever uses the new “Made in Germany” Logo must guarantee that over 70 percent of the production time on any piece of jewellery take place in Germany.

Quality recognized. Through a visible sign.
That the user can recognize from the first look, whether or not a piece of jewellery “Made in Germany” is or not, this sign with the exact same label offers an important help. It stands for high-quality, lasting production and the insurance of jobs.

Qualität definieren. Für einheitliche Standards.
Hochwertige Verarbeitung, attraktives Design und schnelle Lieferzeit sind typische Eigenschaften von Schmuck "Made in Germany". Um diese Tradition zu erhalten, haben sich ausgewählte Schmuckhersteller aus Deutschland zu einem einheitlichen Qualitätsstandard verpflichtet: mindestens 70% der Arbeitszeit muss in Deutschland stattfinden. Für dessen Einhaltung stehen wir mit unserem Namen.

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